Handmade  jewelry

Exotic, organic style

Tulum, St. Barths, New York

black Tahitian peal necklace, drop peals, pearl choker, pearl necklace

A family tradition

For generations, our family has been proudly crafting 100% handmade jewelry using the finest quality raw materials. All materials are thoughtfully collected in small quantities along our travels around the world.


Specializing in genuine, natural materials and leatherwork, our family strives to craft an organic modern elegance that is tough enough to match the lifestyles of our fellow artists, gypsies, and adventure-seekers.


Featuring opals, Tahitian pearls, precious and natural stones, delicate seashells and sea glass, exotic symbols, coins, and trading beads - we invite you to discover our collection of treasures, inspired by wanderlust and a deep appreciation of the beauty and magic of nature.​